TYD-II multi-bus processing machine
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TYD-II multi-bus processing machine
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Model: MPCB-401 bus processing machine
This is a combination of multi-functional body of professional design, perfect to avoid consideration of human waste, namely the Provincial working hours, in line with established work processes, so that personnel engaged in handy, resulting in high efficiency, high-quality perfect work;
Manual control valves clear direction to deploy the function of the working machine.;
Package of equipment, including electric hydraulic pump, cut row machines, punching machines and bending row machine (can be pressurized to spend machine), all in an integrated manner mounted on mobile vehicles. Conducive to the flow of the workshop or field operations.;

MPCB-401 uses
Copper and aluminum row shearing, punching, flat bend, Li bend;
Transformers, switchgear assembly.;
Power transmission project installation.;
Cutting row machine work to contribute to: 23ton;
Punching machines contribute to the effort: 31ton;
Curved row of machines contribute to the effort: 20ton;
Voltage (V): 220;
Hydraulic work (kgf/cm2): 700;
Weight (kg): 300;
Standard accessories: Punching Mold 90 ° V-type flat bending mold;
Cutting Tools CWC-150V Copper Width 150mm / Thickness 12mm (Copper flat do not have side-ping)
Perforation tool CH-60 Copper Width 150mm / Thickness 10mm die four groups: pore size 3 / 8 "(10.5mm), 1 / 2" (13.8mm), 5 / 8 "(17mm), 3 / 4" (20.5mm );
Li, Ping Tool CB-125D flat bend bend bend two kinds of legislative functions, aluminum, copper width 40,50,60,80,100,125 mm thickness 4,5,6,8,10,12.5 mm;

Cutting tools, punching dies can punch the material and its corresponding ability to punch a wide range of difficult to be exhaustive;
If you want to know about materials and the corresponding punch punching ability is not listed, please send us inquiries.;
We can also provide the materials according to samples and the size of actual punching capacity of tests to ensure that the impulse to the customer the most suitable scissors mold.;
Electric pump with CTE-25AS (Import)


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